Magnetic Resonance-guide Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (MRgLITT)
Product introduction


LaserRO consists of three major parts:

1 Ablation Component

It is equipped with a duo-wavelength laser, operating at 980nm and 1064nm.

2 Stereotactic Navigation System

This system integrates preoperative planning, intraoperative control software, and MRI-based real-time temperature measurement technology.

3 Fiber-optic Catheter And Cooling System

The LaserRO system incorporates the thinnest fiber-optic catheter, with an outer diameter of 1.55mm.

In comparison to similar products, the LaserRO system offers several advantages. Firstly, it features two wavelength lasers, allowing physicians to choose the appropriate wavelength based on the type and location of the lesion, thereby optimizing the precision of the ablation procedure and treatment effectiveness. Secondly, we provide the thinnest fiber-optic catheter, enabling the treatment of very small lesions while minimizing injury.

Please note that the products showcased on this page are currently in the clinical trial stage and are intended solely for scientific research purposes. The visual representations and functional descriptions are provided for reference purposes.